Antique Wrought Iron Gates: The Finishing Touch

If you are among those who own a Victorian home or something built in the colonial Spanish style that was popular in Southern California during the early part of the 20th Century, you’ll definitely want the appropriate finishing touches. Antique wrought iron gates are one such finishing touch that are appropriate to many early period architectural styles. Iron garden gates were quite common on better homes in the late 1800s and early 1900s for those who could afford them during America’s first Gilded Age, as were antique driveway gates. Because of its durability, such antique gates made from wrought iron have been preserved and are available today for restoration. wrought iron gates

Even if you don’t have walls around your property or own an early period home however, antique wrought iron gates can be used in many decorative ways. On their sides, some kinds of antique iron gates make fine patio railing or edging for a garden. The only limits for various uses of antique gates are space and imagination.

Wrought iron gates are made from a specific type of iron alloy that is high in carbon. This makes the metal easier to bend and weld, which is why it was commonly used for ornate railings and gates. You can see many fine examples of such classic wrought iron gates in New Orleans’ French Quarter as well as cities such as St. Augustine, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia and San Juan, Puerto Rico. In fact, such iron garden gates and iron driveway gates are found in many countries of the world, primarily the southern U.S., Latin America and the Mediterranean, Although such antique iron gates are to be found in Northern Europe as well, they are less common in northern regions because years of harsh winter weather can do substantial harm to wrought iron gates and other relatively delicate pieces of wrought iron (remember, this is a softer form of iron and not subject to the same processes that create industrial steel).

This said, if your home is in a suitable climate and/or such antique gates are specially treated to stand up to cold, wet seasons, you’ll find many different styles of such wrought iron artwork. Victorian iron garden gates for example tend to be Baroque in styling, with intricate swirls and curves. Later types of iron driveway gates that might have been used at Jay Gatsby’s fictional estate on Long Island’s East Egg reflect more of an “Art-Deco” aesthetic, with more angular, repetitive patterns that were influenced by the Machine Age and the period’s fascination with technology and industry

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