Reasons to Buy the OnePlus Nord CE

The official website of OnePlus has just revealed some new facts about this innovative smartphone. It can be easily used as a device which performs the tasks of an internet browser and a cell phone in one. This amazing smartphone comes with Windows Phone 8 operating system and also offers the user a free download of the Oxygen App. This article is all about the exciting features which are making this phone a hot choice among the users of the world.

* It can be used as an internet browser: The internet browser on this smartphone is nothing but the Google pixel 4a which is a fantastic new release of android operating system. There is a virtual navigation buttons present on the home screen which allow the users to visit different websites from the phone without any hassle. This also helps them to get connected to the social networking sites like twitter, facebook, and myspace very quickly. The HTC Wildfire is yet another internet browser which can be installed in the phone which makes it extremely exciting for the net lovers. oneplus nord ce

* It has an advanced virtual keyboard: The large keyboard present in this smartphone has made it so easy to type text messages, emails, e-mails etc. Anyone can use this keyboard and can enjoy the efficiency of internet. The standard size of this keyboard is 16.4 inches and it also comes in two variants i.e. the black and white version which is affordable by anyone and the one with touch sensitivity which costs more.

* It comes with a USB cable: One of the most impressive features present in this smartphone is the USB port. This port facilitates the users to transfer the data and files from their computer to the phone itself. One can enjoy the convenience of connecting the USB cable to the phone with the help of a USB adaptor. Thus one can make calls even from their computer using this phone and can enjoy the enhanced quality of sound. The camera is also present in this smartphone with the photo capturing ability of a standard smartphone.

* It supports Google Translate: The HTC Wildfire comes with an advanced artificial intelligence system called the Google translate software which helps in understanding the local dialect of the region where you are visiting. This feature of the HTC Wildfire pro mode helps in making the tourist feel more comfortable and secured during their stay in any part of the world. This feature of HTC has been recently featured in many international award Winning Apps.

* It comes with an advanced storage system: The storage system of the smartphone is enhanced with the use of space saving apps and applications. One can easily store lot of data on the phone and can easily use it whenever required. In this way, the storage of data is not taken up by the smartphone and hence one can store lot of data on this handset easily and can perform several tasks without any hindrance. The user can easily download any app and use it to perform several task without any problems. Thus one can get great storage facilities of the smartphone with the help of the Google Plus ecosystem of the HTC Wildfire pro.

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